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Client Stories

Clients share their stories and experiences

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Lucia was featured in the magazine High Country News telling her story here in Alamosa and the help she received from IRC. Estranged in America was written by Sarah Tory who visited multiple times and is a friend of IRC.


“I am grateful to God that He has protected us, we have been in this place before without documents and have never had problems with the police and now with our documents we are safer. Thanks to the IRC for all of your help.”

“First I thank God because thanks to him I have my documents and despite what happened I have my documents. I’m with my family; I can drive without fear and get a job. Thank God for the documents he gave my husband and me and thanks to the SLVIRC too.”


After recently receiving his legal permanent resident card (green card), Jose shared his experience with us:

“I am no longer afraid to go out to work or leave the house and fear that I would not be able to return, if I were picked up by immigration. I am able to drive and work without fear and no one is able to humiliate me or take advantage of me. I was able to return to my home country after 15 years and see my parents, grandmother and all family for the first time.”

Minga letter
venus letter

“My name is Maria and through this, I express my deepest gratitude to the Immigrant Resource Center, but especially to the ladies Flora Archuleta and Venus Valdez. Thanks to God and with their help I could get not only my work permit but also my legal residence card. From seeking information and advice on my case until I received the legal residence card, you have always been very kind and understanding with me, helped me with all my immigration paperwork for free, you were always very friendly with me throughout the migration process and kindly informed me step by step how my case went. I never had to pay a single dollar for your help. God bless you … I do not have anything to pay for all your help, thanks to God and you I have made my dream come true, to remain legally in this beautiful country. I wish there were more places like the Immigrant Resource Center and more good people like the ladies Flora and Venus and so every immigrant in the United States would have the help they greatly need. Thanks for your help, respect and understanding, God bless you…”

“I am truly grateful for the amazing job you did and all the help you provided me with on this long full journey of successfully becoming an American citizen!

Thank you, MK”

“You have done so much for my family and I that I don’t know where to start. My mother can finally rest easy, I can finally chase my dreams.  My mother received her driver’s license recently as did I.  I will be going to Colorado State University this fall.  I will actually be paying taxes next year, not something I am looking forward to but will be glad to do it.  Thank you, thank you for everything. EP”

“Thank you so much for all you have done for me and all your help.  I finally received my corrected Green Card.  Sorry it’s taken so long to say thank you.  Now we can go back to working on my becoming a citizen.  Your continued help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks again, GA”